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Frequently Asked Questions

My colonists won't eat even though food is available.[]

Make sure that they have space available in their inventories to pick up food. Toggle off "Wear Equipment" to allow them to keep their weapons when not in combat.

My colonists won't fight properly[]

Make sure that your squad is alerted (the bell icon). Also select colonists in a squad by left clicking on the squad panel or select individual colonists by left clicking or drag to box select them. Right click on the ground near their target. You can also right click on the target, but that is not recommended for larger fights as they will go home after their target dies.

I can't find stone while digging.[]

The chance for rock or ore to drop is heavily dependent on the pick your miner is using and their skill.

My game crashed / something bad happened.[]

Please upload your save game in the load game menu.