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Research Lab

A basic workshop required to research new technologies. To progress in the game you will have to use this workshop to learn new things like making a bed, building a stone mason, crafting tools, and many more very useful items and workshops become available.


Researchers research in the research lab.


  • 6 Logs
  • Carpentry
  • No Research Required


Without this workshop you cannot progress in the game, and will suffer mood penalties for drinking water, sleeping, and eating outside - amongst many other problems. Make sure to build this immediately.

Research Edit


The research interface is accessed from the left-side UI during play. In it, the player can select a technology and press research for one of the colonists with that role to start researching. There is currently no queueing system, so only the selected research and all of it's subsequent ones will be learned in the process.

On the right side of each research node is a number that represents the length of time taken to learn something. 5 being the least, and quickests to learn - 5000 being the highest and slowest to learn.

Notes Edit

When you start the game, prioritize these research nodes:

  • Still: Without the ability to process water into drinks your colonists will avoid drinking from a natural source until they absolutely have to. This will damage their mood significantly. The Still gives access to tea, which can be made using mushrooms or herbs (note that ferns only give plant fibre and are not a herb in this case).
  • Juice: If you do not have access to mushrooms or herbs, then you are going to have to quickly research this one to gain access to the next tier of drinks. This will utilize all berries, fruit trees, and tomatoes.
  • Basic Furniture: Without a bedroom your colonists will maintain a permanent penalty for not having one, and also for not having a bed of their own to sleep in.
  • Loom & Basic Clothing: If you chose to start in an environment with a temperature that drops below 35°F/2°C then you will want to acquire these nodes quickly. It will enable the use of plant fibre, fur, cotton, or wool in creating clothing on the Loom.
  • Stonecrafting: To be able to create tools or weapons (through their respective stations/research) you will need the mason's workshop to create Blocks. Blocks are made of stone and help in creating early tools or weapons. It is also a convenient replacement for planks in creating barrels.

There are many research nodes that are incredibly helpful to different play styles and biomes. Be sure to have a close look. There is research for salt water related machinery, chests for colonist personal storage, man-made walls and stairs, animal enclosures, better clothes, weapons and armor, and decorations to improve the quality of rooms (specifically useful for getting the maximum bonus for a bedroom).

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