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Temperature is dependent on rooms forming. If not the base temperature of an area is used. Temperature naturally goes down in higher Z-levels and up deep underground.

  • Doors and grates conduct heat between rooms connected to them. Grates conduct heat faster and both conduct heat much faster when open.
  • Walls (depending on the material of the wall). Multiple layers of wall decrease heat transfer. The surface area of the walls also affects heat transfer.
  • Creatures inside a room increase its temperature slowly.
  • Certain buildings increase heat while running.
  • The fireplace and campfire burn fuel to increase temperature.
  • The evaporation cooler uses fresh water to decrease temperature.

The larger the room the slower it losses or gains heat.

Temperature display can be changed from metric to imperial in the options.


  • Creatures take damage if temperature is too extreme.
  • Colonists get unhappy if temperature is too hot or cold. Wearing clothing can help mitigate cold.
  • Plants stop growing if temperature is too low.