Embark Wiki

Starting Out[]

  • Put some effort into selecting where you start out.
    • Long term you will need to find large underground water sources or distill salt water with the salt works.
    • You will need access to fresh water until you research far enough to build a salt works
    • Build a water pipe to connect your still directly to the water source.
    • The end of the pipe must be underwater for this to work.
    • The water must be fresh water.
    • Build pipes in the carpenter or mason workshop.

Moving water short distances[]


Trench for moving water horizontally.

  • Dig a trench between the pool you want to move and a new pool.
  • Water will only flow 30 blocks without any change in height, so make the trench deeper by 1 block every 30 blocks of distance.

Moving water upwards[]


Placement of water pump.

  • Build a water pump and windmill and connect them with mechanisms.
  • They must be connected at the gear icon.
  • Mechanisms are built in the crafter's workshop.
  • The water pump will take water from the input and output it at the output.
  • Both input and output can be connected with pipes. The input pipe needs to be underwater for it to work.

    Completed pumping station.



Saltworks and pit for fresh water to collect.

  • The outlet of the saltworks should be over a pit for the created fresh water to collect. Pipes can be used to direct the output.
  • The input must be connected to salt water with pipes. The inlet has to be underwater.
  • The outlet for the saltworks should be over a pit for the created fresh water to collect.
  • If the a layer of the pit is too big, the water won't stay but simply disappear
  • 7x7 seems to work, don't go larger